Technical Committee

Technical Committee
Technical committees for Testing, Calibration, and Dimensional Inspection have been established and will meet, as necessary, during TAG meetings. Technical Committee members must be appointed to the appropriate committee by L-A-B and be a member of the TAG. Technical committees may be consulted when policies and guidelines for interpretations are being made. Technical committees may recommend changes to policies and procedures for technical aspects of the accreditation process. Each technical committee has been broken down into sub groups to better align the members with their technical expertise.
Experts may be consulted on an individual basis, when specific technical advice in their field of expertise is required. Recommendations may result from these consultations.


  • Be available to participate in a yearly meeting, respond to periodic e-mail correspondence, and phone conferencing.
  • To aid L-A-B with compliance of the technical program to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17011, and requirements of Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) partners.
  • Aid in the interpretations of requirement for Accreditation, which includes but is not limited to ISO/IEC 17025, and requirements of MRA partners. These interpretations shall be provided to the assessors through L-A-B staff.
  • Continuous improvement of process by assessment and review of current, specific technical policies and procedures.
  • Advise on planned technical changes and additions to specific technical process.
  • Make recommendation for improvements to the process.
  • Participate in the approval of technical packages for accreditation through completion of technical compliance reports and scope balloting.

Desired Outcomes for the Group
Improve overall quality of services provided by L-A-B. Meet or exceed the requirements of our clients, ISO/IEC 17011, and requirements of our MRA partners in all areas. Implement a sustainable, high quality accreditation program for L-A-B.

In addition to support during the meeting and acting in an advisory function, the TAG members are asked to participate in the approval of the Scopes of Accreditation for the L-A-B Accreditation process.

Working Groups
A Working Group (WG) is formed as needed to address specific technical fields. Members of a WG may be chosen from each specific technical committee or experts that are not part of a committee but are part of the TAG. A WG is an Ad hoc group and will be dissolved at the completion of the task. The following procedure shall be followed for the formation of a WG.

  • The Chair of the specific technical committee will specifically define the task of the WG.
  • The Chair of the specific technical committee will appoint a Chair for the WG, from volunteers.
  • The specific technical committee and WG Chairs will select members for the WG from volunteers and experts in the field that supports the task and goals of the WG.
  • The WG Chair and members will define their project and develop a time line and define the tasks.
  • The specific technical committee Chair is responsible for keeping the WG on schedule.
  • The WG will take minutes of their meeting and provide them to their members, the committee Chair, and the L-A-B Adviser.