TAG Structure

Technical Advisory Group Structure
A minimum of once per year the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) will meet. Minutes will be generated from each meeting. The TAG will give advice on improvements to the system, develop policies and guidelines, generate interpretations, and may approve selected technical documents. The TAG will develop policies and procedures for technical aspects of the accreditation process. The TAG will respond to the technical needs of our clients with regard to the accreditation process.

The TAG consists of various committees. The current committees are the TEC (Testing Expert Committee), CEC (Calibration Expert Committee, DEC (Dimensional Expert Committee), and PEC (Policy Expert Committee. In addition, L-A-B appoints the chairs and vice chairs of each committee as executive members of the TAG. Each committee and executive members responsibilities are detailed in committee / executive member charters.

The Chairs and Vice Chairs of the TEC, DEC, PEC and CEC make up the Executive Members of the TAG and will advise the executive level of L-A-B for technical issues. Accreditation programs, training programs and other accreditation related services may be created or improved by this process.


  • Aid L-A-B with compliance of the technical program to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17011, and requirements of Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) partners.
  • Aid in the interpretations of requirement for Accreditation, which includes but is not limited to ISO/IEC 17025, and requirements of MRA partners. These interpretations shall be disseminated to the assessors by LAB administration.
  • Continuous improvement of process by assessment and review of current technical policies and procedures
  • Advise on planned process changes and additions to the technical aspects of the accreditation process.
  • Make recommendation for improvements to the process.
  • Create and constitute Expert Committees as necessary to address the needs of LAB clients.
  • Participate in the Balloting Program for the L-A-B Scopes of Accreditation

Desired Outcomes for the Group
Improve overall quality of services provided by L-A-B. Meet or exceed the requirements of our clients, ISO/IEC 17011, and requirements of our MRA partners in all areas. Help implement a sustainable, high quality accreditation program for L-A-B. Through the TAG’s, technical competence provides superior laboratory accreditation services.

Boundaries of Group

  • Membership is open to all stakeholders involved with accreditation.
  • Members are chosen from stakeholders with interests in accreditation such as Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Manufacturing, Industrial, Regulatory, Laboratories, Consultants, and PT / ILC Providers.
  • Limited to the accreditation program improvements.
  • Meetings shall be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order.

TAG Membership

TAG members are drawn from experts in their fields. Each member is required to submit a Form 6.1.2 TAG Application and Biography. TAG membership is voluntary and may be ended at any time by L-A-B or the TAG member. Membership consists of a term of five years with no limitations on reappointment.