Technical Advisory Group

L-A-B has established and utilizes a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which is made up of technical experts and professionals in the fields of Testing, Calibration, and Dimensional Inspection. TAG members consist of professionals representing various industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Manufacturing, Medical, Military, Laboratories, and PT / ILC Providers. The TAG helps to improve the overall quality of services provided by L-A-B through participating in the development of policies and procedures relating to the technical aspects of the accreditation process.

Mission of the TAG:


  • We have the experience and expertise to assess and accredit laboratories.
  • We assure compliance to the standard and technical competence of the laboratory to the scope.


  • We foster confidence in what we do by the result that the laboratory produces and what we support in that production (scopes).


  • We keep a open line to all seeking knowledge in improvement.


  • We promote consistent accreditation by following what is written and writing what is needed.


  • Participation in the Technical Advisory Group is voluntary and membership is open to anybody with the appropriate qualifications. L-A-B is always seeking new qualified members for the TAG. To apply, please contact L-A-B or complete the application below.
Download TAG Application