L-A-B Technical Requirements

Accreditation Bodies formally recognize the technical competence of laboratories to produce technically valid results for the tests, calibrations, and dimensional measurements identified on their accredited scopes of testing and/or calibration. Each laboratory, having different technicians and serving customers in different industries will have different procedures to achieve different (although similar) goals. The concept of accreditation is that test, calibration, and dimensional measurement data are transferable and equivalent within and across economic borders.

A-S-B has developed Technical Requirements to ensure that A-S-B Accredited laboratories are meeting the same minimum set of requirements which meet or exceed the requirements of those tests, calibrations or dimensional measurements.

Technical Requirements (TR series) documents are driven by any number of technical issues observed by L-A-B assessors, client laboratories, and members of our Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and specify the minimum requirements in order to be granted or to maintain accreditation for that measurement area. These documents cover areas such as minimum testing, uncertainty contributors required, or scope formatting requirements

TR001 – Calibration of Scales and Balances