17025 e-learning


Laboratory Accreditation Bureau, L-A-B, a division of A-S-B, a service provider of comprehensive laboratory accreditation and laboratory-related training, in collaboration with Motiva Training, the world leader in laboratory training and accreditation, is offering high-quality, prerecorded 17025 e-learning presentations that provide an introductory overview of the requirements for an accredited laboratory. These e-learning presentations are offered to the public free of charge as a service to improve the laboratory community. Both L-A-B and Motiva believe in educating the public and providing the accredited laboratory resources to train their staff and clients on the importance of laboratory quality and the benifits of accreditation.

L-A-B is pleased to offer e-learning presentations covering various ISO / IEC 17025 topics.

1 – What is Accreditation? 20 minutes

2 – What is Quality in a Laboratory? 11 minutes

3 – What is Continual Improvement? 15 minutes

4 – What is 17025? Part 1 (of 4) Basic Management Requirements 12 minutes

5 – What is 17025? Part 2 (of 4) Working Management Requirements 12 minutes

6 – What is 17025? Part 3 (of 4) Basic Technical Requirements 7 minutes

7 – What is 17025? Part 4 (of 4) Technical Measurement Requirements 12 minutes